Tips on Hunting and Fishing in Quebec

Tips on Hunting and Fishing in Quebec

Nothing brings a rush of adrenaline to a huntsman like the excitement of the chase, the heart-stopping hunt, and the capture. Whether it is deer, fish, or fowl, the rugged Canadian province of Quebec is one of the best places to get your game on. The exchange rate has never been more favorable for American sportsmen to cross on over into Quebec, Canada and take that long desired hunting and fishing trip. The prize could be a whitetail trophy and fishing on the beautiful Canadian waters. Quebec is wilderness country and the perfect place to up your game!


Deer As Far As The Eyes Can See

The hunting season in Quebec runs from August to September. Previously, it has been a costly venture to hunt in Quebec as the only way to many camps is by plane. However, new exchange rates are making it more affordable to U.S. hunters, and a trip can now be made at about 65% of the previous costs.

Quebec’s land mass is made for hunting.  It is a hunter’s paradise where you will find all the whitetail your eyes can envision. Caribou are the cream of the crop to American hunters. A sighting of the Caribou’s mass migration is a once and a lifetime opportunity. It is a hunter’s dream. With the perfect long range scope, you don’t need an eagle eye view to bring one of these trophies home. The more westerly regions of Quebec’s North side offer the greatest population of caribou.

The southern and eastern parts of Quebec offer exciting whitetail hunting possibilities. Scores of hunters venture to the ultimate deer hunting paradise of Anticosti Island. The 70 mile long island in eastern Quebec sits in the mouth of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. From this vantage point, your eyes gaze directly into the Atlantic Ocean. Even during late season when snow has fallen, there are plenty of deer to be had. Whitetail did not always make their home on the island, but today nearly 200,000 of them inhabit the island. Anticosti is deer paradise and the season spans from September thru Christmas.


Hunting moose is a sacred right in Quebec.  Hunters make their way to the forested regions en masse. While moose hunting in Quebec is open to non-residents, hunters quickly learn how expensive it can be to get all that delicious moose back to the U.S. There are drive-to camps that avoid those extra expenses.

There’s an advantageous requirement for non-residents of Quebec to hunt moose. The use of an outfitter is a required rule, but this can be a positive thing for those not familiar with Quebec’s complex zones and licensing requirements. Outfitters know the ins and outs of the system.

Black Bears and Fishing

Black bear are another popular hunter’s game. Those in the northeastern U.S. are within a day’s drive of the places where black bears are most populous in Quebec. The weather is ideal for it as the black bear hunting season runs from May to June. It makes for a perfect time to hunt bear and fish during the same trip. So you can get your game on with pike and bass at the same time as bringing those black bears in. Imagine a morning of fishing, cooking your catch, a short nap, and an evening in a bear stand. What an ideal hunter’s paradise!

Bird Hunting

Quebec is an unexpected paradise for bird hunting as well. Whether it’s the Atlantic Flyaway Snow Geese, ruffled grouse, spruce hens, willow, or the most popular, the European woodcock, bird hunters won’t be disappointed in the winged hunting possibilities in Quebec. Hunters come all the way from Europe to experience the thrill and excitement of hunting woodcock in Quebec.

So, whether your preference is to trail the wilderness of Quebec to hunt moose, deer, and bear or to sit on the banks of the pristine waters of the island to catch walleye, pike, bass, trout, or salmon or to be hunting birds and fowl – Quebec has it all. It is a sportsman’s paradise and right at our backdoor here in the U.S. with opportunities to experience the ultimate hunter’s expedition.

The Best Rifle Scopes for Hunting


For those who want to enhance their overall shooting capabilities on the rifle range, there are various factors that you should take into consideration for your unique target practice needs. The first important factors are that you have to be well rested and eat healthy snacks before hitting the gun range. Another equally important consideration for you at such a point in time would be for you to equip yourself with the Best Rifle Scopes for Hunting. Simply put, these tools provide a broad spectrum of design features that are meant to enhance your conventional shooting capabilities. Here are some of the most notable ones

Best rifle scopes for hunting

Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20×50 PA Mil Dot Reticle- 30mm Tube

Experience the superior quality of the Vortex Optics Viper Dot Reticle that provides effortless shrugging off recoil, moisture and darkness as well. The Viper has a status as being one of the top rated riflescopes, and it comes with fully coated optics for excellent light transmission. Furthermore, the heavy-duty precision force springs system and the glass smooth Precision Glide erector system are designed for durability. Users will also appreciate that this riflescope is ideal for long range and tactical targeting applications. With its well-positioned Mil-Dot reticle, this unit is useful for calculating the range and the velocity of a bullet. The exceptional design of this rifle makes it an excellent addition for long distance shooter and hunters who need ranging capabilities. More o, the unique side knob parallax adjust provides easy and quick parallax adjustments with the range numbers being suitable when in the shooting position.


Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope

Make an excellent impression on the rest of your peers with the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope that is a like a red dot sight that provides excellent target acquisition and accuracy especially in poorly lit conditions. Besides that, the TRS-25 1X25 red dot sight is made using Amber bright optics to let you easily distinguish between a brown critter and tree as well. With its unique multi-coated optics, hunters are sure of experiencing an easy time when hunting for prey outdoors. Best of all, this Riflescope has a fog proof and shockproof construction for added durability when going outdoors. Furthermore, this sight is simple to use when both eyes are open thereby enhancing your awareness of your surrounding environment and providing better target acquisition. There is no need to engage in centering due to the parallax free design whereby the dot follows the movements of your eye.


UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope, RGB Mil-dot, QD Rings

Take your shooting capabilities to the next level with the UTG dot sight that comes with a special 1-inch emerald coating for excellent light transmission and resettable turrets for your unique needs as well. Furthermore, the UTG Bug Buster Rifle scope provides excellent range estimating capabilities and the ideal aiming and shooting performance even in poorly lit conditions. The inclusion of the 1-inch tube with emerald coating provides excellent light transmission and the premium zero lockable and resettable turrets allows for excellent customization. Shooting enthusiasts will also appreciate the red and green illumination to allow for versatile applications when it comes to target hunting. The large field of view is most accommodation for excellent eye relief and for critical CQB missions. This unit is built on a true strength platform and is completely sealed and nitrogen filled to provide shockproof and fog proof results.


UUQ Prism 4×32 Red/Green/Blue Triple Illuminated Rapid Range Reticle Rifle Scope

Become a better shooter when it comes to targeting practice with the UUQ Rapid Range rifle scope that is designed to provide high performance since its an optical scope with fiber optic functionalities. To be specific, this Riflescope features an illuminated rapid range glass etched reticle that provide an excellent field of view of the shooting range even in poorly lit conditions. This unit will also provide well over 4x times more magnification, and the objective diameter lens provides the ideal light transmission as well as superior image clarity. Besides that, the combat-ready, rapid target acquisition glass reticle with range finding and ballistic capabilities provides the ideal range finding capabilities for your needs. This unit will also provide the perfect fit for all 20MM Weaver and dovetails for added user convenience.


CVLIFE 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope Crosshair Optics Hunting Gun Scope

Enhance your conventional shooting capabilities with the CLIFFE Rifle scope that provides an excellent magnification diameter for your unique needs. Furthermore, this rifle optics comes with a fully-coated optical glass, and it will also provide users with a bright and superior contrast image result each time. Users will also appreciate the high strength aluminum alloy construction along with the one-piece tube construction for the ideal durability, especially when taking on the outdoors. This CVLIFE riflescope also comes with inert gas purged and it can be used in almost any weather conditions as well. The length of the entire scope is .5 inches which make this scope an excellent addition for those who want to engage in quick moving and target aiming as well. This rifle scope has a superior lens design to make it ideal for use even in poorly lit conditions.




All things considered, becoming a better shooter most often is determined by the quality of equipment that you have invested in for your needs. Therefore, we highly recommend that you consider some of the top rated rifle scope reviews for hunting due to their superior design features and impressive performance.